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To tell us what you think about our site click here Hi, and welcome to Steve Grimmett's new and ultimate band, Seven.  Steve has now realized that he can not only write new songs from start to finish which is something that he has never done before, but finds working together with the rest of his band which consists of, Ade Llewellyn (bass), Ian Nash (guitar), Matt Culpepper (drums), Graham Collett (keyboards), the most inspired he has ever been.

Steve has put together this new band for his latest project (seven) after a 3 year break from the music industry. Steve is now finishing the last few songs of the project and will have it all done and dusted by February 2000, so you shall be hearing from him and his band on the new CD.  Also keep a look out in the press for LIVE performances as this band will be worth checking out.



This is the band as they are today!!!



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